Sunday, 9 February 2014


We have now been in the mortgage process for quite a few weeks and it is proving more difficult then we thought.
Virgin money decided on the last minute that they could no longer offer us a mortgage. My husband is in the RAF and he has less than 2 years left and therefore they have said that this is too risky for them!
Our mortgage advisor then needed to search for another mortgage company which had no fees to be paid to them
Note that when you start the process with a mortgage company they will often take a fee from you to start and if they decide that they no longer want to give you the mortgage then they get to keep the fee! - Cheeky I know!

We have now been offered a mortgage with Natwest and are currently going through the process with them. They have no upfront fees so that is much better!

These companies seem to take a long time and keep coming back and asking us for extra things for example, proof of deposit. Therefore I would advise that when you start the process try and ask them for a list of everything they will need - especially when you are stuck for time like my husband and I.

We are now hoping to here from the mortgage advisor in the coming week.

Have you experienced any other problems? Is it hard for all military personnel?
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