Friday, 24 January 2014

Mortgage advice!

Read this link from Martins money saving expert. He has lunched it on his website this week and it is a helpful document.
He talks about all the important details.

When we went to our mortgage advisor, one thing he mentioned was the credit score. Mortgage lenders are taking this very seriously now a days. If you are like me and have no credit history because you have had no loans etc. then it is hard for them to even trace you for a credit score. However, make sure that you are on the voting register and this means that you are traceable. Also, if you have a store card then it can also make you noticeable. I have a NEXT store card and was told that this was ok.

Also this document explains about saving for extra costs such as solicitors fees, stamp duty fees etc.
Our extra costs are about £2,500 and this includes the survey, solicitors fees and stamp duty. (This was a much lower price than we expected) It is good if you have this money saved before buying your house as well as your deposit.

I hope you find the document useful!

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