Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Zurleys competition

Our first big project in the house is the kitchen. We have decided that once this is completed we will move in and live with the rest of the house as it is and do that up as we go along.
The kitchen is a very big project and this is how it looks at the moment.
Our serving hatch which we are NOT keeping!

Kitchen cupboards and sink which will all be coming out.

Retro doors

Old fashioned kitchen

Zurleys is a new furniture and home accessories store online which sell different types of furniture, including mirrored and retro. They have asked me to think about what I would do to a room in my house if money were no object.
There's so much I would like to do to my kitchen as I know this is the room that we will spend most of our time in.

Firstly where to start? I would ideally like to drop my kitchen down a little so that we step down into luxury.
I would then have all oak cupboards and surfaces with replica brick tiles on the walls to give that country cottage feel.
I would ensure space for a small breakfast bar at one end of the kitchen and would like the comfortable, stylish bar stools from Zurleys to stand under the breakfast bar, I really like the one which have a back and arm rest, they would help to make the kitchen look modern and cosy.

I would also really like a huge retro SMEG fridge in my kitchen, ideally Black and an AGA so my husband can do lots of cooking ;)

I would also use all the funky kitchen accessories from Zurleys as they are extremely colourful and very modern. I would maybe choose the colour red as my husband is likes this colour and you have to let him have some things he likes don't you? I would have the red storage tins, utensils, pans and bin which will give the kitchen a funky feel.
To brighten up the kitchen I would have spot lights dotted around the roof and also along the bottom on the kitchen cupboards.

To finish I would have oak doors leading into my hall way and into my garage to continue that country cottage feel.

If only money wasn't an object...


Monday, 7 April 2014

Our BIG project!

As promised, here are a few pictures of our house.
I was there today and luckily my sister and 3 very helpful children came to help to and we've managed to strip almost two whole rooms!
Luckily the wall paper is coming off very easily! Maybe because it has been on for so many years!

These are pictures of the living / dining area of the house. 

The house is ours!

I know I haven't been on for a while to write comments and keep you all updated on the process of the house. 
I am very busy as a Primary school teacher, working full time and in a school 20 minutes away. I also managed to full over whilst playing netball for my local team and have damaged the ligaments and soft tissue in my ankle - this has resulted to me being on crutches! Not ideal! However, as the school holidays are here I now have lots of time to update my blog!
We also found that once the solicitors have hold of the paper work and the remaining arrangements, everything goes quite and they get on with their job in the background of everything else.
Anyway, I can now confidently say the house is ours and we have the keys! This is all so exciting, the house needs every room renovating except the bathroom so we have a lot of work to do but are very keen to get in there and get going!
We are now beginning to write never ending lists (If you are a Primary school teacher yourself, you will know that lists are very important!)
Did you know?
This morning I rang the local council to ask them about council tax and inform them that we would not yet be living there as we have lots of work to do. I had been informed by various people that you didn't have to pay for council tax for a certain period of time if your not living in the property. However, this is not true, the rules changed in April last year and you still have to pay if not living in the property.
This is something useful to take into account if trying to budget.
If you have any tips or ideas for renovation please let me know!! :)
I will update the blog with some photographs soon!