Friday, 14 February 2014

Waiting again!

I got very excited on Tuesday as I received an email from my mortgage advisor to say that our documents had been accepted by the mortgage company and that they had arranged to go and complete a survey on the house the next day. I immediately rang my husband to tell him the good and exciting news.
However, as we all know, the mortgage process takes a long time and so we haven't heard anything about the survey or anything else! We are just hoping that no news is good news.
I have however been advised to keep pestering the mortgage advisor to get answer. This is not something that my husband or I feel comfortable doing but I did send them a polite email today to ask for an update. Guess what...I didn't get a reply!
We are waiting patiently and hope that we will hear something next week.
Please post if you can share any of your experiences!

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